How it works

  • Pick a quilt and tenure

  • Click subscribe, your monthly fee includes shipping!

  • We'll send you ready-to-use fabrics every month

  • Finish an entire quilt by the end of the term!

What's in my monthly parcel?

  • All the Fabrics Needed

    Curated, precut, packed, and ready to use.

  • Backing

    Some fabric kits include backing to cover the back of your quilt.

  • Detailed Patterns

    Step-by-step instruction to help guide you finish your quilt.


What is included in my box?

Precut fabrics based on the month's block, fabric backing, as well as pattern with detailed instructions.

Do all fabric kits have the same inclusion?

Except for the New Beginners Quilt, all fabric kits have the same inclusion: fabrics, backing, and pattern.

The New Beginners Quilt fabric kits don't include backing.

What if I don't like my box in the middle of my subscription?

Unfortunately, our Block of the Month has a minimum payment tenure. It's not cancellable, but seek through it, I promise, it'd be worth it! 💕

How do I find out the content of this month's box?

Everyone loves a good surprise! I mean, you've known what you signed up for, and your monthlies are helping you get there!

Is shipping included?

You got that right, your monthly fee doesn't only include ALL the things you need to quilt, it also includes shipping from Bali!

When will I get charged?

You'll be charged on the day of subscription, followed by the same date of the subsequent month.

How do I change my shipping address?

Did you just move? That's okay! Message me at to update me with your latest shipping address!