The membership program offers a monthly supply of six batik pieces in 12 harmonious themes and colours throughout the year.

How becoming a Beautiful Batik Babe gives you newfound appreciation to batik

  • First and exclusive

    You'll get fabrics a year earlier than our own store.

  • Curated by Jacky

    I handpicked and curate all the colours and theme.

  • Free monthly shipping

    Your monthly fee includes shipping right at your doortstep.

  • Reduce scraps

    This membership helps you preplan your quilt.


12 months

24 months


How does monthly subscription work?

As soon as you click subscribe on our monthly membership, your card will be auto-charged and we'll send monthly fabrics to the address you input, since the day of subscription.

What about the annual and biannual?

The 1 and 2-year memberships charge you one-off and we'll send the fabrics to you on a monthly basis since the day of subscription.

Do I get to find out my fabric this month?

Everyone loves a beautiful surprise, and this monthly delivery is just that!

Stay tuned to sneak peeks through our Facebook and Instagram, though. 😉

What if I don't like this month's fabrics?

Every month we'll send a different range of fabrics, and chances are you'll like your batik next month!

When does my card get charged?

As soon as you checkout, and on the same date each month. Once we get this order, we'll send over your fabrics and it'll arrive to you in 2 to 3 weeks.

How do I change my shipping address?

Contact me at to change your shipping address.

What's the return policy?

Once received, your monthly fabrics isn't returnable, though it's cancellable anytime through your dashboard!